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  • New show just announced! 'FALL OUT'  is coming to Tabernacle W11 for one night only, Thursday 23rd February 2017.

Lift        February 2013        Soho Theatre

A new musical by Craig Adams & Ian Watson, co-produced with Perfect Pitch and Ros Povey Productions. Directed by Steven Paling.

Our Friends the Enemy   August 2013    Edinburgh Festival Fringe

A one man show based on the Christmas Truce, by Alex Gwyther

Carthage      February 2014   Finborough Theatre

A new play by Chris Thompson, directed by Robert Hastie

Drunk         February 2014    Bridewell Theatre

A new dance-led musical by Drew McOnie & Grant Olding, co-produced with The McOnie Company

Thérèse Raquin     April 2014    Finborough Theatre    -and-    August 2014      Park Theatre

A new musical by Craig Adams & Nona Shepphard based on the classic Emile Zola novel. Directed by Nona Shepphard.

Claustrophobia  August 2014  Edinburgh Festival Fringe  -and- November 2015  Hope Theatre, Islington
A new play by Jason Hewitt, directed by Sharon Burrell, co-produced with To The Moon Productions

These Trees are Made of Blood   February 2015   Southwark Playhouse

A political cabaret about the Dirty War in Argentina created by Amy Draper, Darren Clark and Paul Jenkins. Directed by Amy Draper.

Teddy       June 2015     Southwark Playhouse

A new play by Tristan Bernays (music by Dougal Irvine), directed by Eleanor Rhode and co-produced with Snapdragon Productions

The Brink      April 2016    Orange Tree Theatre

A new play by 2016 Pinter Commission recipient Brad Birch, directed by 2015 J.P. Morgan Emerging Director Award winner Mel Hillyard, in a co-production with Orange Tree Theatre and W14 Productions in association with the National Theatre Studio

Every Seven Years   May 2016    New Wimbledon Studio
A new play by Ben Fensome & Charlotte Baker, directed by Scott Le Crass as part of the Illuminate Festival

The HIV Monologues   February 2017   Miranda at ACE Hotel Shoreditch

A new play by Patrick Cash, directed by Luke Davies for Dragonflies Theatre

Please note that ​'Fall Out', 'The Brink', 'Teddy', 'Every Seven Years' and 'Carthage​' are available for touring in 2017/18.

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